“He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.” Psalm 72:8

We're so glad to have you here visiting with us. PHCC Ministries exists for church leaders like you, risk-takers who are willing to do whatever it takes to reach our culture for Christ. It would be our honor to stand with you on your journey, supporting and encouraging each other as we share what works in our churches across Canada.

In 1864, the prophetic words of Psalm 72 came alive in the heart of Sir Leonard Tilley for our nation. The Dominion of Canada has and always will be a country of destiny. God shall have dominion from sea to sea. From our nation’s birthplace along the St. Lawrence, throughout all of Canada, God desires to pour out a mighty revival to fulfill that destiny! As we meet with pastors and churches within our network, we are struck with a profound sense of expectation as we listen to their words. Men and women like you with a holy dissatisfaction, thankful for what God has done, but still desiring so much more!

We believe we are on the threshold of one of the greatest moments of God’s kingdom in our nation. There is a stirring of God’s spirit and a renewed faith that is rising once again to see the gospel demonstrated like we have never seen before. We know the same is true of our church family across Canada. We stand on the shoulders and prayers of all those who have come before us as we move into what God has for us next; to see new churches planted and existing churches revitalized. We cannot imagine a more exciting day to be serving Christ than where we stand today!

Let’s believe God for a revival in our lives, our relationships, our marriages, and our families. Let us look ahead with expectancy each time we come together and take our place in the prophetic word of Psalm 72. Let's give Him dominion in our lives so we can be an active part of His Dominion from sea to sea.

Now let us seize this kingdom moment together as we “grow” and “go” into our nation with the life changing power of Jesus Christ. We are a place of hope and a people of promise.

PHCC Ministries is affiliated with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and a member of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, standing with churches in 100 + nations worldwide.

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